NineOne EV Private Limited (91EV) is India’s no. 1 Electric Logistics Service provider (ELSP) focused on providing tech-centric clean mobility solutions to e-commerce companies for their first, middle & last-mile applications.

91EV is all geared up to deploy Electric three & four-wheelers with all the major e-commerce companies like Amazon & Big Basket to facilitate their deliveries. Vehicular pollution accounts for almost a quarter of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide polluting our environment. Making mobility more sustainable is a key policy objective of governments and responsibility of corporates and individuals.

At 91EV sustainability is the reason why we exist. We work to create efficient supply chains. This is not only smart for business, but also reduces waste, decreases carbon emissions, and will make the world around us better for generations to come. AT 91EV we understand that in order to make an impact, we must all work together. That is why our corporate sustainability initiatives focus on making improvements within our company, with our customers and carriers, and on the transportation industry as a whole.

91EV orchestrates and works with the entire ecosystem by providing required support to develop greener services and products, assess the impact on the environment, and work with other stakeholders to facilitate effective deployment of these solutions. 91EV works on the development of electro-mobility and associated services such as interoperable electric vehicle charging, and trained drivers.

Major e-commerce companies understand the importance of a cleaner planet and are all set to electrify their fleet over the next two years throwing a huge opportunity for Electric Logistics Service Providers (ELSP). 91EV intends to capitalize on the earlier experience of its team to establish itself as a leading ELSP in the next couple of years.

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